Some of Antigua and Barbuda's highlights include Shirley Heights, Betty's Hope Plantation, Stingray City, Devil's Bridge and the list goes on.

Nelson’s Dockyard

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park is the most visited in the country. The only continually working Georgian-era dockyard in the world, it is one of the prettiest historical sites in the Caribbean and soon will be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dockyard Museum

The Dockyard Museum is located at the heart of the Dockyard in the old Naval Clerk’s house. A centre for archaeological research in Antigua, the Museum offers a research lab, research library, educational programs and an interesting gift shop.

Mount Obama National Park

This park covers roughly 2,500 acres and are some of the most stunning in Antigua. Visit the park to see outstanding scenery and learn about the last remaining wet and dry forest areas in Antigua.

Lookout Trail English Harbour

A relatively short, fun hike up from Galleon Beach to Shirley Height Lookout, the trail offers some incredible view points.

Shirley Heights

This fort was originally built in the 18th century to protect the Nelsons Dockyard.  Visitors can walk through the ruins of barracks, powder magazines and extensive fortifications.  The location is famous for spectacular views of the sunset and neigbouring islands.

Betty’s Hope

This was the first full scale sugar plantation on the island.  It was built in 1674 by Sir Christopher Codrington.  The twin windmills are fully restored with further restoration ongoing.  Bettys Hope is located south of Pares Village.

Devil’s Bridge

An impressive natural limestone bridge on the northeast coast at Indian Creek, Devil’s Bridge offers the chance to see blow holes and spouting surf powered by waves from the Atlantic Ocean.


Barbuda is a dependency of Antigua.  It is a low lying coral limestone island with pristine white and pink sandy beaches which stretch our over many breath-taking miles.  The bird sanctuary in the lagoon supports one of the world’s largest colonies of frigate birds and the island is also known as a very secluded vacation spot. The late Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry vacationed there and Princess Diana Beach was named after the repeat royal visitor.


Take an unforgettable tour of a lush rain forest high above the trees at 3oo feet.  A total of 360 feet of aerial walkways with suspension bridges and tree houses combine to offer visitors an exhilarating zip-lining experience with spectacular views of the indigenous fauna and flora.

Stingray City Park

The park‘s Southern Rays are said to be the brightest rays in the Caribbean. This is a unique experience of touching and feeding a stingray, together with snorkelling amongst magnificent coral reefs and colourful tropical fish.

North Sound Marine Park

This park consists of tiny islands, mangroves and inlets. There is also an uninhabited island where visitors can picnic and inlets offer perfect vantage points to spy sea turtles and starfish.  The endangered West Indian Whistle Duck can be spotted in The Narrows between Antigua and Guiana Island.  Escorted kayak and motor boat tours run daily.

St. John’s Cathedral

The current cathedral was rebuilt in 1843 and is presently being restored.  The previous two were constructed in 1683 and 1745.  The outer walls are stone and the interior is completely paneled in pitch-pine.  The headstones in the churchyard date back to the seventeenth century.

Christian Valley Bird Trail

The trail is a little over 2.5 miles and consists of 3 segments.  There is the Central Valley, the Northern Loop and the Southern loop.  The entrance of each segment has signs showing the approximate 3 dozen species of birds in the area.  The trail is sponsored by the Environmental Awareness Group and funded by the Government of Finland.

Body Ponds Nature Park

This park was opened in 2011 and is also an Environmental Awareness Group project. It has beautiful trails meandering through the forest passing peaceful ponds and streams.  Signs along the trail tell visitors about the heritage of Antigua.