Hotel Villas

The 55 one- and two-bedroom villas at Papaya Hotel & Spa are the perfect opportunity for fully-managed property ownership within Rendezvous Bay.

Hotel villas can be bought outright or in half or quarter shares. In addition, owners and their families will be able to use their property and enjoy numerous benefits including preferential treatment at the hotel facilities.

Each one- and two-bedroom hotel villa will be nestled into the hillside to help safeguard the look of the bay. The  architectural design, blending contemporary luxury with a relaxed island vernacular maximizing the views from the inside out, is intended to make guests feel close to nature in a luxurious environment. The high ceilings will be offset by soft, sumptuous linens and cottons in shades of white, soft greys and blues, and bespoke wood furnishings.



PH-1-BED-VILLA-SC1-DAY(380x235)   PH-1-BED-VILLA-SC2DAY-HI-RES-REVISED-A-210314(380x235)

The airy one-bedroom villa will be a beautifully finished air-conditioned space including a generous bedroom with king size bed. Adjacent is the comfortable salon area with oversize glass windows and doors that maximize the views over the Caribbean Sea.  The bathroom looks out onto a private outdoor shower garden and is intended as a relaxing area to pamper oneself in.


Large enough for morning exercise or simple relaxation, the infinity edge swimming pool is a few steps from the covered terrace area or comfortable garden pagoda, all are soothing spots to enjoy the warm Caribbean climate and views over the sea.  The villa is to be luxuriously fitted with tropical hardwood, natural stone, soft linens and custom designed furniture and fixtures, all brought together with subtle colour shades to create a natural, contemporary aesthetic in which to unwind.




_CGI-PH2BED-2-REVISED-B-210314(380x235)   _CGI-PH2BED-5-HI-RES(380x235)

The luxuriously appointed two-bedroom villa includes a salon, infinity pool, indoor/outdoor bathroom and shaded private dining area. With an expansive salon between the two king size bedroom suites and two adjoining oversize bathrooms, each with their own private shower garden, the villas are perfect for relaxation.


A secluded deck and swimming pool surrounded by tropical forest offer infinity edge views over the pool towards the Caribbean Sea and beaches, and hand-crafted elements complement the luxury finish in this sumptuous villa creating complete comfort for all guests.