Rendezvous Beach

Rendezvous Beach is a spectacular 2000-feet long beach. Swimmers in the clear blue Caribbean waters feel only cashmere-soft sand underfoot.

The beaches and marine life of Rendezvous Bay are central features for the planned community and a focus for conservation and preservation. There are no planned developments in these areas and residential homes will be set back considerably from the waterline on the eastern side of the bay. The eastern beach is a pebbly, reef-lined beach ideal for invigorating walks, while the renowned west beach is a stunning stretch of soft white sand often labelled one of Antigua’s most beautiful for its natural intensity and mountainous backdrop.

Papaya Hotel & Spa will overlook both beaches from its perch on the hill between the two.  A small beach bar and dining area tucked into the bottom of the western hill of the hotel site will be for the exclusive use of hotel guests and Rendezvous Bay residents. 

The western beach and its 50-acre nature park area behind it are to be preserved undeveloped to safeguard the National Park essence of Rendezvous Bay for the Papaya hotel guest experience, the homeowner community, and future generations of homeowners at Rendezvous Bay.

 The Community Association will include in its fee structure costs for a conservation program, including monitoring and protection of the turtle nesting populations of both beaches. Rendezvous Beach will be encouraged for public use and swimming, with personal motor craft discouraged and safety buoys placed to alleviate riptide danger.