Nature Park

The 50-acre Rendezvous Bay Nature Park sits behind the 2000-feet long Rendezvous Beach and will include a myriad of attractions.

It is in the Nature Park that residents and visitors will find the Rendezvous Bay Organic Farm, the Rendezvous Bay Amphitheatre, tennis courts and hiking and walking trails.

The Nature Park will be the perfect place to explore the natural surroundings with wildlife interpretation signs along the tropical forest walkways, and places to sit in peace and enjoy the sounds of the abundant birdlife or the sounds of the waves on the nearby beach. The Park is also home to a fresh water pond, picnic areas and parking for access to all the amenities and the beach.

The horticulturalist hired for the project has a long history in cultivation of local plants in Antigua & Barbuda both with government and the private sector. From ground cover and flowering plants, to large trees and fruits and vegetables, the estate site can produce a stunning diversity of plant life. Rendezvous Bay is not only a natural wonder as it exists today, but has also been a working farm for past generations of the Walter family.

Developer Rendezvous Bay Real Estate Corporation intends to re-create this traditional use of land to supply the 80-home community and boutique hotel with fresh organic food year round. With a planting plan that takes advantage of prime growing conditions and alternating species, the Rendezvous Bay organic farm and nursery promises to provide the community with a very special visual and culinary experience.