Rendezvous Bay

With home sites averaging two and a half acres, home owners at Rendezvous Bay will become park-land custodians.

Rendezvous Bay on the chic south coast of Antigua is a perfect undisturbed paradise. Visible only to those who sail by, the 700 acres of rolling hills and valley floor are encircled by 1000-foot elevations creating a natural nirvana.  

The resort plan includes just 80 exceptional homesites of two to ten acres each, a 50-acre nature park and Papaya Hotel & Spa as its centrepiece.  Residential homes in this spectacular new community will offer great personal privacy and easy access to an array of amenities including the organic farm, tropical forest hiking trails, sports facilities, and the nature park behind the renowned Rendezvous Beach.

The scenic and chic English Harbour area is a short drive over the hill from Rendezvous Bay, and is home to many international residents and more than 30 restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences from fresh roadside cuisine to fine European gastronomy.

Thirteen thousand acres on Antigua’s south coast constitute the country’s largest and most prized National Park.  Rendezvous Bay sits within the park and the development philosophy for this historic private landholding is park-like preservation. Much more than a collection of homes and a hotel, Rendezvous Bay is to be a community of international people with a deep appreciation of the natural wonders of the site and the responsibility to preserve such.

The hotel and homeowner community will establish and shepherd new turtle conservation and wildlife interpretation programs, and institute the Rendezvous Bay Foundation to support education and grassroots sports on the island.

The low-density development strategy will ensure privacy and preserve a minimum of 80% of the Rendezvous Bay landholding in its natural state. In addition, the community has a goal in its development plan – true self-sustainability. With upfront investment into organic farming and on-site water supply, and planned future investment into geothermal and solar energy solutions, Rendezvous Bay is one of the best suited sites in the world to make this statement very realistic and an achievable goal.

Historic sites of interest such as pre-Columbian dwellings and artifacts will be safeguarded and maintained by the community in conjunction with the Antigua National Parks Authority.

The developer of Rendezvous Bay is Rendezvous Bay Real Estate Corporation, a partnership between Elmsbridge Property International, a private international luxury land developer and seller, and the Walter family of Antigua. Having owned the estate for multiple generations, the family holds the estate very dear to their hearts and wishes to see as sensitive a plan as possible since agreeing to the development of this much sought-after site.

For more information on the 2016 launch of the first residential homesites, please contact us.