Nayara Springs cover of Travel + Leisure Magazine

Papaya Hotel & Spa at Rendezvous Bay in Antigua will be Mr Zaragovia's 4th boutique hotel and his first in the West Indies.

Papaya Hotel & Spa operator Angelo Zaragovia has been featured in Travel + Leisure once again this month and this time, Nayara Springs in Costa Rica is on the front cover.

The developer of Rendezvous Bay, Elmsbridge Property International, met Mr. Zaragovia and his team in Costa Rica and were so impressed with his dedication to service and resulting success that Mr. Zaragovia was immediately invited to view the Rendezvous Bay site and  become the operator of Papaya Hotel & Spa.

The Zaragovia team will manage the hotel and begin training at least 6 months prior to the planned opening of the hotel at the beginning of 2017.

For more information on travel to Nayara Hotel, Spa & Gardens or Nayara Springs, please email Carlos Rojas

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