New Antigua International Airport Opens

Exciting times for Antigua & Barbuda as the new US $98M international airport terminal opened this week

1st September 2015 – The Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority’s (ABAA) decision to embark on the various expansions and renovations of the existing V.C. Bird International Airport could not be any more appropriately timed.

With projected increases in visitor arrivals over the next decade, and with the local tourism industry’s direct and total contribution to GDP expected to rise 1.8% and 2.1% respectively in 2015, the US$98 million state-of-the-art terminal building is expected to accommodate the projected increases in tourist arrivals up to 2025 and beyond, as well as further strengthen Antigua’s long-standing position as the regional air traffic hub for direct international flights and inter-island travel.

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the Caribbean’s leading tourism destinations known for its boutique hotels, historical sites and hundreds of jaw-dropping white-sand beaches. The islands attract visitors from all over the world especially during the December to June period when North America and Europe are in their winter seasons. This is the time of year that Antigua & Barbuda offers a an average daily temperature of 28 degrees Celsius with cooling winds, clear blue water and plenty of fun activities and unique restaurants for international travellers.

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